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Oliver Knott Aqua Lat 7 Liter


Oliver is known for his Aquascaping, aquadesign and is a creative visionary who travels the world introducing aquascaping and spreading this art form.Oliver was influenced greatly by Takashi Amano and worked closely with him early in his career and now has over 200 thousand followers across social media.

Pisces USA and Oliver Knott have developed a range of aquarium substrates using our source of natural products from across the globe. Oliver Knott AquaLat 7lt is delivering plant nutrition naturally with rare laterite spheres from the northern Australia outback.

  • Bio Filter
  • Freshwater Safe
  • Plant Growth
  • Fertilizer
  • pH Stable
  • Rich in Minerals
  • Great for Shrimp


Instructions: HOW TO USE

1. AquaLat is a rich laterite based substrate. It can be used as a base fertilizer platform with other substrates such as AquaEarth, AquaLava and AquaIron. Alternatively, the unique properties of AquaLat allow it to be used alone as an all in one fertilizer and gravel substrate.

2. Rinse your AquaLat and evenly spread over aquarium base.

3. Use a scraper or ruler to level the surface, or if desired create gradients with the AquaLat.

4. Slowly fill your aquarium with water until the water level is about 3-4cm (1-2in) above the AquaLat. This makes planting easier.

5. Begin planting your aquarium. Make sure you spray your plants with water until the planting process is completed.

6. Once the aquarium is planted, slowly fill your tank to the desired level.

7. Power up your filter system and allow the water to clear over the next few hours. CARE AND ATTENTION The water quality control attributes of AquaLat will naturally decrease over time. Use AquaLat for freshwater aquariums, paludarium and tropical terrariums. Not suitable for strong burrowing fish or use with aquarium vacuum cleaners.