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CZ AQUA High Active Thai Mineral for Fishes 100 grams


High active consists of essential minerals for ornamental fish which are difficult to find in tap water used for our tank. These minerals will enhance the quality of vitamins or nutrition from the food in which the fish consume.

High active helps de-stressing the fish from moving or environmental changes. For example crossbreed will obviously show signs of stress every time they have to move. They also are easily be frightened and would hide. High active will decrease these behaviours. Furthermore our experiment with Flower horn Kamfa Red texas shows that High active will also enhance the color and make the scales shine encouraging the reduction of the use of hormone and fish food which mixes with hormones. This will also reduce the problems in the liver and the kidney of the fish. 
High active is popular among the crossbreed breeder because it enhances the behavior of the fish. The fish is more enthusiastic and more aggressive which will help the development of the head area. 

High active is also widely used with Arowana. High active enhances the Arowana’s appetite and make the fish more energetic. Reduce the inactive problems or not consuming food for a long period of time. Moreover High active will turn the fish that like to lay quiet on the bottom of the tank to be active.

The Arowana breeder also states that the fish using High active will produce more shiny scales than the ones without. In Malaysian Goldfish shows result in 45 days. In Indonesian Blood red show shows the differences after using High active for 2 months. High active also makes the water cleaner and healthier.
High Active can also be used with Koi , Goldfish and Discus.


Pour straight into the tank (5 Grams per 13 gallons of water) then add 50% after changing water every time or pour High active in the filter system of the tank

For competition use, pour High active in a plastic bottle, add water and shake well. Leave the mixture to sediment overnight. Then pour the clear water in the tank before the competition.

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