Bacopa monniera *

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Common Name: Water Hyssop, Moneywort, Brahmi

Family Name: Plantaginaceae

Origin: Widespread

Height: 4-12 inch

pH: 6.0-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Moderate to High

Co2: Not necessary

Propagation: Cuttings

Growth rate: Slow

Used in Ayurvedic tradition of India. Will rot if not enough light

Moneywort is a popular back or mid-ground stem plant with pairs of light green leaves sprouting from the base to the tip of the stalk. This aquarium hobby staple adds a cheerful accent to the planted tank, as well as being a medicinal herb in the Ayurveda holistic tradition of India.

This plant can be great for beginners because it is hardy and does not require CO2 injection. It does prefer a nutrient-rich environment and clean water. Moneywort requires moderate light or the lower parts of the stems. Moneywort is propagated through cuttings that easily take root in the substrate. Moneywort can be grown submersed or emersed, and will bloom tiny pink and white flowers above water.