Cardamine lyrata


Common Name: Japanese Cress, Chinese Ivy

Family Name:æBrassicaceae

Origin: Asia


pH: 6.5-7.5

Care:æEasy to Moderate


Co2: Required

Propagation:Cut stem and replant

Growth rate:Moderate to Fast


Cardamine lyrata is a marsh plant that originates from Asia. It grows in a clover-like pattern similar to Hydrocotyle. High light and CO2 can keep this plant low growing to create a dense bush of foliage which can have a dramatic appearance in an aquascape. This plant looks best when planted in groups or clumps instead of individual pieces here and there. It can also be grown floating and acts as excellent coverage for fry, shrimp or skittish fish.

Propagate by trimming stems and replanting on pulling apart dense clumps and splitting the roots.