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Blue Phantom Pleco L128 (Hemiancistrus sp.)

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The Blue Phantom Pleco will grow to be about 7″ They are native to Venezuela: Rio Orinoco: Puerto Ayacucho and downstream Orinoco.

This fish prefers at least some water current with the water pH just on the acid side of neutral. Blue Phantom Plecos are omnivorous and easy to feed, although and effective algae eater, it should be given a varied diet of prepared foods. It prefers lots of vertical stones and rounded boulders. Water current should be strongest over cracks and crevices in the rocks where the fish will live.

This pleco is good for a community tank despite it’s natural habitat in rapids as it will adapt to less hectic water conditions. If you do want to try faster water, try stocking with other fish like silver dollars, Colombian Blue Flame Tetras, and other various types of fish for good choices of mid-water companions.
Breeding has been done in aquariums. Males guard eggs in similar way to most other Hypostominae subfamily fishes.

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