Cryptocoryne becketii

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Common Name: Water Trumpet, Petchii, C Becketii

Family Name: Araceae

Origin: South Asia

Height: 4-6î

pH: 5.5-8.0

Care: Medium

Light: Moderate

Co2: Recommended

Propagation: Runners

Growth rate: Slow

The Water trumpet is a popular crypt plant that makes a beautiful mid-ground accent or centerpiece. Its reddish, ruffle-textured, oblong leaves offer a striking contrast to green back or mid-ground plants. Water trumpet is a popular choice for beginners to crypt plants, being one of the easier crypts to keep. As with all crypt plants, water trumpets are sensitive to changes in water parameters and donÍt like to be moved. It is normal for the plant to undergo ñcrypt meltî when introduced to a new tank, or if water conditions change too much. The leaves of the plant begin to rot and essentially melt away. If this process begins, you can cut away any rot and attempt to stabilize the water. They should produce new growth once they have acclimated. These plants will also melt if the lighting is too strong. Moderate to low lighting is sufficient for this plant.

Most crypt plants were originally found in fast-flowing limestone bed streams or rivers. These plants need high levels of calcium to thrive in a tank environment, as well as CO2, phosphate, iron, and nitrate. Although they are easier to grow submersed, they will also grow emersed and can produce flowers above the water. Water trumpet can be planted into the substrate or attached to a rock or piece of driftwood with a cotton thread or fishing wire.

Water trumpets propagate through runners, which can be cut and replanted into the substrate if desired. For good coverage, plant individual stems about one inch apart. Water trumpets can also be planted in bunches as long as all the roots have exposure to nutrients from the substrate.

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