Cryptocoryne parva new T/C CUP

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Common Name: Crypt Parva

Cryptocoryne Sp. Parva

Family Name: Araceae

Origin: Sri Lanka

Height: 2-4îî

pH: 6-7.5

Care: Easy

Light: Low

Co2: Not Required

Propagation: Separate by Rhizome

Growth rate:æSlow to Moderate

Crypt Parva is one of the smallest species of Crypts.æ It has green, grass like leaves which can grow up to 4î tall, making it a suitable foreground and midground plant.æ Compared to other Crypts, it has a very slow rate of growth and can require more light.

This plant comes potted in rock wool. æSimply remove all the rockwool and plant the roots directly into your substrate.

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