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CZ AQUA Kenta Gas Release Formula for all types of goldfish Sinking 1.5mm 150gm

For the longest time, Goldfish hobbyists believed that feeding their fish with high protein will help make them grow bigger and better.. Therefore, many fish food brands will make what hobbyists ask for, making goldfish food with lots of proteins. That is all good; however, Goldfish are omnivores, which means they can eat both meat and vegetable. The rich in protein food will make the fish grow bigger, but will have digestive problems. So fish food companies will add wheat germ to the food, to help ease digestion.. however, wheat germs can not help release fermented gas that’s formed in the gut, causing the goldfish to have gaseous gut. This was the struggle Goldfish hobbyists have encountered... until Now.

Cz Aqua product have come out with a solution to the headaches of Goldfish having a gaseous digestive tract.. 

Introducing “Kenta” A medicated food for Goldfish.. this revolutionary goldfish food is created by a veterinarian who treats goldfish on a daily basis. The medication added to Kenta is being used in fish hospitals, so it’s a high grade medication that is effective. 

This food is created to prevent goldfish from having gas in their stomach.. The gas that will cause an imbalance to the fish, making the head drop, raising the tail up, causing the fish to have a hard time swimming downward. 

After using “Kenta” goldfish food, the goldfish waste, will come out long and full.. sometimes capturing air bubbles along with it, pulling out the gas from the digestive tract. 

“Kenta” is created to be the main source of food for goldfish, but because it’s medicated, and contains multi-vitamins to boost metabolism, it can be mixed with other fish foods containing high protein, to make it a well balanced meal. 

The main ingredient for “Kenta” is organic calcium to strengthen fins and tails, and to stimulate intestine movement. 

Astaxanthin and spirulina are also added to enhance color. 

“ better than to have to cure”

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