Echinodorus rose

Common Name:æRose Sword Plant Family Name: Alismataceae Origin: Tropical Western Hemisphere Height: 10-20î pH: 5.0-5.8 Care: Easy Light: Moderate Co2: Not necessary Propagation: Runners Growth rate: Medium The Sword roseæplant is a beautiful mid- or background plant that is an excellent choice for beginners to the planted aquarium. Sword rose plants produce wide, oblong leaves with beautiful striation, wavy texture, and a range of colors from pink to greenish brown. New leaves on the plant are pink or bronzy colored and will turn bright to dark green as they mature. These plants are easy to care for and do not require CO2 injection, but as with most plants, they do need a nutrient-rich substrate in order to really thrive. They will tolerate low to moderate lighting just fine, but higher lighting brings out more color in the leaves. Sword rose plants will grow emersed or submerged. The emersed plant produces flowers that seed into the substrate. Submerged plants propagate through runners. To control the spread of Sword rose you can trim away the runners.