Excalibur Flowerhorn Rejuvenation Xreme 100 Grams

Rejuvenation Xtreme Mineral Replacement for Fish
Rejuvenation Extreme contains over 60 vitamins and minerals which help reduce stress, remove toxins from the water, heal wounds, energize your fish, help build their immune system, enhance colors, and more!!!
Directions For Use:
FIRST DOSE: Using a water bottle, or similar container, add 2 teaspoons of Rejuvenation Xtreme to the bottle, fill the bottle halfway with steaming hot water (not boiling), and shake for 30 seconds to activate the minerals. After shaking, fill the rest of the bottle with room temperature water and shake for 30 seconds. Then add the entire contents of the bottle to the tank.
MAINTENANCE DOSE: During your weekly water change (60% water change or less), follow the same directions as above, using HALF the amount of Rejuvenation Xtreme. 1 teaspoon per 25 gallons of tank water to be treated. Anytime you replace 60% of the tank water or more, use a full dose.