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Flame Moss on Stainless Steel

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Common Name: Flame Moss

Taxiphyllum 'Flame'

pH: 6-8

Care: Easy

Light: Low to Medium

Co2: Not necessary but recommended 

Propagation: Cut, Rip, Chew

Flame moss is a unique type of aquatic moss that grows in a distinct upward pattern.  The individual fronds of this plant twists up to create an interesting look when grown attached to rock, wood, or stainless steel mesh.  

This plant provides excellent shade and coverage for shrimp and fish.   Moss is very versatile and can be attached to hardscapes or left free floating.  It can be grown under a wide range of aquarium conditions, recommended for breeders, beginners, and all. 

This Flame Moss has been growing on a 3" x 3" stainless steel mesh. The moss is less than 1 inch tall

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