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Live Goldfish for Sale Oranda Calico Premium Black Base Round Body Medium Breed Short Tail *NEW BREED* GROW UP TO 3.5''-4.5'' BODY (CGF-042)Juvenile Our Choice


TOP PREMIUM SELECT QUALITY Unsexed (can request) M and F

Selected from Top Premium Hand pick Quality Winning award farms from Thailand, the juveniles will have room to grow and become a show grade Oranda. Grow your own to become top quality fish.

Round Body Medium Breed: Medium breed, can grow up to 4.5''body, round and thick body, they have high hump helping them with balance.

Wen (head): They come with red head, Black or Blue/Gray. Big Chubby Big Lion Head Face. Big Round Cap.

Black Base Calico color: Body base is Black-ish with lots of pattern blue, black, white, red, yellow.

Tail and fins: They have high dorsal fin and up-high Tail (75-90°) when seeing from the side. They have tail shape of butterfly, Rosetail, Orchid, when seeing from the back. Their pelvic and anal fins will be big, helping them keep their balance. Tail is Short and high angle, called peacock Tail.

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Original price
$45.00 - $80.00
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Healthy and Happy Fish

Fish are held, quarantined and shipped from our facility in San Diego, California


We ships hundreds of live fish packages across the USA weekly. We import high quality healthy fish from Thailand and other parts of Asia. We work directly with the breeders to bring the best quality to you.

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Weekly, full restocked!

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