Mayaca fluviatilis

Mayaca Fluviatilis Family Name: Mayacaceae Origin: North, Central South America Height: 5-12î pH: 6.0-7.5 Care: Easy Light:æModerate to High Co2: Not required but recommended Propagation: Cuttings Growth rate: Slow Mayaca Fluviatilis is a bushy stem plant that sort of resembles a cross between Rotala Wallichi and Cabomba.æ It can be found growing in the swaps of Southern US and South America.æ The leaves are thin and fragile and can create a spectacular bush of green when grown in large clusters. This plant can be great for beginners because it is hardy and does not require CO2 injection. It does prefer a nutrient-rich environment and clean water. Mayaca requires moderate light or the lower parts of the stems can start to turn yellow and die off. It is propagated through cuttings that easily take root in the substrate. Mayaca can be grown submersed or emersed.æ Propagation is simple and straight forward.æ Like any other stem plant, simply cut and replace the trimmings.