Pogostemon erectus T/C CUP

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Common name: PogostemonæErectus Family Name:æLamiaceae Origin:æThailand Height: 2-3î pH: 6-7.5 Care: Medium Light: Medium to High Co2: Recommended Propagation: Cut new growth along with roots Growth rate:æModerate Tissue culture plants are grown in vitro from a state of the art laboratory specialized in propagating aquatic plants. æThey provide the best option for those who want to ensure that absolutely zeroæunwanted pests are introduced into the aquarium. Pogostemon Erectus is a unique looking stem plant with pointy thin leaves growing from the center stem.æ This is a great background plant that can really grab a viewers attention when grown in a thick bush Propagation can be done by cutting anywhere along the stem and replanting any trimmings.æ Two new shoots will grow from right where the stem was cut. Remove tissue culture gel before planting. æSimply wash the gel away or soak the plant in water and squeeze the gel off with your fingers.

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