Proserpinaca palustris T/C CUP

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Common Name:æMermaid Weed, Marsh Mermaid Weed

Family Name:æHaloragaceae

Origin:North America

Height: 4-12î

pH: 6.5-7.5

Care:æEasy to Moderate

Light: Medium to High

Co2: Required

Propagation:æCut stem and replant

Growth rate:æModerate to Fast

Tissue culture plants are grown in vitro from a state of the art laboratory specialized in propagating aquatic plants. æThey provide the best option for those who want to ensure that absolutely zeroæunwanted pests are introduced into the aquarium.


This is a unique stem plant with saw-toothed edges on the leaves. æColors can range from a bright solid red to a lighter golden green coloration depending on lighting and nutrients. æThe leaves turn more red when dosing iron supplements in your tank.

This plant acts as a great background coverage, especially in a Dutch style aquascape where the unique leaves can add a great contrast to other plants.

Propagation is simple and straightforward like other stem plants. æSimply cut along the stem and replant the cuttings.

Remove tissue culture gel before planting. æSimply wash the gel away or soak the plant in water and squeeze the gel off with your fingers.

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