Rotala macrandra mini pink

Common Name: Butterfly Mini, Rotala Macranda Family Name: Lythraceae Origin: India Height: 8-11î pH: 5-7.5 Care: Difficult Light: High Co2: Recommended Propagation: Trim side shoot and plant into substrate Growth rate: Fast Rotala macrandra is a dramatic back or mid-ground stem plant with red leaves that make a striking contrast to the usual green foliage. This plant can be difficult to grow sinceæit requires very higher levels of light and nutrients. Without sufficient lighting, the plantÍs bottom leaves will shrivel and fall off. In it's emersed state, leaves will grow prostrate and have a green color. The submerged version t will grow upright and have a deep red color. Given the proper growing conditions Rotala Macrandra grows quickly. It is recommended to supplement iron and micronutrients for Rotala Macrandra to develop the best color. They will be their brightest red when nitrates are low, but phosphate and micronutrients are high. If the plantÍs leaves can appear pale red or have white markings if it does not have sufficient iron levels. Rotala Macrandra will grow best with CO2 levels from 15-25ppm. Soft and acidic water is preferred. To propagate, cut the newest growth from the base of the stem, and re-plant into the substrate. For pruning, cut off the leafy, robust top half and re-plant into the substrate. Do not plant individual shoots too close together so as not to restrict light from getting to the plants.