Taxiphyllum Barbieri - Dennerle Tissue Culture

Taxiphyllum Barbieri - Dennerle Tissue Culture

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DENERRLE INVITRO Plants, #30045 Taxiphyllum Barbieri

  • This a most popular moss plants, can be attached to any decoration elements
  • drift wood, or rock. Excellent for shrimp Tank.
  • Plant leaf identification guide:
  • Green = easy maintenance
  • Yellow = Medium maintenance
  • Red = Advanced maintenance
  • Cultivated under sterile conditions, which means no pest infestations or pathogens arise
  • No algae   -   No snails
  • Keep it sealed with Temp 77’F – 80’F and daylight until ready to use.
  • 3 x more plants than potted plants, Packed in 4 oz. clear cup.
  • The plants already have submersed leaves, so they don‘t need to be acclimated
  • User guide can be found on every plant on the inside of the label.

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