Slight delay in shipping expected due to Covid-19 & Shipping Services high volume. Please allow up to 10 days for your order to ship out. We also have a longer wait for Plant orders at this time.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Orders must be canceled within 12 hours of the original order to receive a full refund.

After the 12 hour period has passed, ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Any refunds may be charged a 30% restocking fee to offset non-refundable service charges and holding a fish that might otherwise have been sold to someone else. Full credit will be given to be used towards future purchases. Refunds may take up to one week to be issued.

There is always a slight chance that a fish from your order will not be shipped due to health concerns. In order to ensure our bio-security, as well as on-time delivery of your order, we do not hold orders due to a fish that cannot be shipped. The full purchase price will be refunded for any fish that cannot be shipped.

Once fish is added to your aquarium, we are not responsible for sudden deaths or illnesses. We ship healthy fish, once they are in your system, their continued good health is your responsibility.

In order to obtain a refund:

You must complete the 2 following tasks for each fish claim within 2 hours of confirmed delivery from carrier or refund is automatically void.

  1. Please take a picture for us showing the loss in an UNOPENED BAG
  2. Email us at with a brief description of your problem with photographs of Dead Fish attached.

We will not assume responsibility for fish killed as a result of the customer not being available to accept the delivery on the first attempt. You should be home to accept your package on arrival.

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