Winter’s here and temperatures are already starting to drop. Winter Packing Shipping Rates has been applied to all Live Fish Orders. Packages will include Heat Pack + Climate Shield.

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Coast Gem USA | The Benefits of Aquarium Salt

Aquarium Salt is used both inside and outside the freshwater aquariums. Most of the hobbyist use aquarium salt as a c...

How to Start a Female Betta Sorority Tank

In this topic, will be explaining how to successfully keep a Female Betta Sorority, the basics, how to, setting up, e...

Betta Tank Mates

One of the most common myths plaguing the Betta fish community is that Betta’s are brutal killers that will tear apar...

How To Breed Betta

Betta breeding can be very time consuming and expensive. Betta can release over 500 eggs in a single spawn and you wi...

How Do I Quarantine My Fish?

If you buy from multiple sources (online, other retailers, or fish from other hobbyists' tanks) then quarantine can b...

Next Import Date

Arriving September 08, 2019 Please submit all orders by Tuesday September 03, 2019 to arrive in time for the import....

Preparing For Your New Goldfish

In this article, we will be going over the stages we recommend for preparation of receiving goldfishes.  WHY QUARANTI...

Betta Care Guide

Your ready for a new pet fish. You’ve carefully weighed all your options and decided on a Betta fish as your new ...
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