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Peruvian Blue Zebra Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare)

Product image 1Peruvian Blue Zebra Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare)
Product image 2Peruvian Blue Zebra Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare)

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The Peruvian Blue Zebra Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) is the result of selective breeding that over the course of decades has produced the brilliantly colored and patterned specimens now found within the aquarium hobby. In addition to the traits common to a Zebra Angelfish, having four to six vertical stripes, the Blue Zebra Angelfish is selectively bred with Angelfish exhibiting the blue color gene in or to combine the both the blue coloration and the wide striped pattern of the Zebra. While generally available for sale within the aquarium hobby, the Blue Zebra Angel is one of the more rare variants to find in the average local fish store. Thus, many hobbyists acquire Blue Zebra Angelfish online from specialty retailers or from breeders at aquarium shows or conferences.

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