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High Grade Fancy White Platinum Halfmoon Male Betta (CBM-1027)** Our Choice

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Stunning and rare, White Dumbo Halfmoon Betta males are characterized by their large flowing fins, unique "dumbo" head, and white iridescence. Peaceful fish, they require a spacious aquarium with hiding places.
 White Dumbo Halfmoon Betta males are a great choice for experienced aquarists.

White Platinum and Opal White:   Color Platinum on the body, almost shiny. You can see rainbow colors when sunlight or white light hits their body. Pegasus, White Dumbo, Alicorn. 

Types could be Pegasus White Platinum, Natural Gold, Lavander Masked, White Opal, White Cambodian

Collection Show Grade: These bettas are handpicked 1 by 1 from the breeders, getting the best of the best.

Fins: They will be Halfmoon and over Halfmoons, the top fin will be very high called skyhawk and mohawk. The fins are rose tail or orchid (very wrinkled edges) or feather tail, Ventral fins are long and wide meaning they’re show grade bettas.

Age: They will be young adults, 3-4 months, with big tails developed and stablished colors. The bettas will keep growing until 9-10 months old.


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