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Finger Cholla Driftwood

Cholla wood is the skeleton of a specific type of cactus plant after it dies. The fully dried up Cholla wood has a fibrous porous body that benefit the growth of beneficial bacteria. Cholla wood is hard enough to not brake down easily, but soft enough to become a constant food source for Plecos and Shrimp. Shrimp tanks fully benefit from this specific type of wood, as it constantly provides the shrimp with one of their most important natural food sources, Bio-Film. The holes and hollow center provide ample coverage for all stages of shrimp. These longer pieces are the best choice if your goal is to utilize Cholla wood on a Natural looking  Aquascape. 

Great for Plecos and Shrimp!

Organic and free of pesticides.

10-16 inch length, 1.00-1.50 inch diameter

18-24 inch length, 1.00-1.50 inch diameter

Note: Boiling the wood is not necessary, unless you need it to sink the same day. If the piece of wood floats on the water, it can take anywhere from 2-7 days approximately to become water logged, depending on the density of the wood.



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