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(DISCUS-06) Blue Diamond Discus

The Blue Diamond Discus is commonly seen in many Discus tanks or fish stores, and it's not a bad thing. Actually the Blue Diamond Discus has recognizable features starting by its beautiful Blue coloration dominating the whole fish. This species tends to grow a slightly longer fins making it seem less round, but with good reasons. The Blue Diamond Discus reflects light beautifully under the proper lighting. The use of a high quality Aquarium light with different spectrums like RGWB will take High Quality Discus like these to a whole different level of beauty. 

2 inch Body = 2.50-3.00 inch Total Length

2.50 inch Body = 3.00-3.50 inch Total Length

IMPORTANT NOTICE: When Discus are given the best healthy, correct environment, they reach their most vibrant colors as MATURE ADULTS. This happens once they are 5-6" inches.

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