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Live Fish African Cichlid Fusco Cichlid (Nimbochromis Fuscotaeniatus)(CHD-135)

Fusco Cichlid (Nimbochromis Fuscotaeniatus)

Fusco Cichlid is a species that is often confused when juvenile with, Livingstonii and Venustus Cichlids. They all have some similarities but let's talk about this interesting variant. First of all it is very important to highlight that it is an ambush predator and will devour smaller fish. For this reason they should not be kept with small cichlids, as they will pass from being the "New Addition" to the New Food. Yes, as a juvenile it might have a lot of similarities to the variants named on top, but at the long run, it will be a different spectacular fish. Fusco's are known to be very slow to color, but the end result is well worth the wait. Lastly but not least, a popular question about these three fish named above: "Can I mix Venustus, Livingstonii and a Fusco Cichlid in the same tank?" Answer is: YES. It is very possible, as long as they are all the same size, they all have enough swimming space and most importantly, there is no female for them to pair up. Add a female in that tank and the two weaker ones will meet in heaven.


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