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Live Freshwater Aquarium American Silver Cichlid (Vieja Argentea) (CHD-006)

The Silver Cichlid (Vieja argentea) is found in the rivers and drainage systems of western Mexico. Their native river habitat is comprised mostly of rocky areas and submerged wood / tree stumps with most of the submerged vegetation growing near the river banks. As is common with many of the central American Cichlid species, the Silver Cichlid is quite aggressive and territorial.

Despite being a little bit more aggressive than most hobbyists would prefer, Silver Cichlids are in high demand due to their brilliant appearance. Both male and female specimens have a brilliant silver/white coloration with attractive black and blue markings, with the males also exhibiting a nuchal hump, impressive elongated anal finnage and a larger overall size. Hobbyists will find that Vieja argentea Cichlids are sold under a variety of common names including: Silver Cichlid, White Cichlid, Vieja Cichlid and Vieja argentea Cichlid.

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