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(TROP-207) Clown Killifish/Rocket Killifish/Rocket Panchax 1 cm

Looking for a colorful, little fish that stays in the upper third of your nano aquarium? Say hello to Epiplatys annulatus, also known as the clown killi, rocket killifish, and banded panchax. These common names come from the alternating vertical bands of dark brown and tannish-yellow on its body and the vibrant, flame-like tail that males possess. While adult killies can reach up to 1.4 inches (3.5 cm), most of the fish sold at stores are juveniles around 0.5 inch long and won’t display their true red, yellow, blue, and orange colors until you bring them home and raise them to maturity.

How to Sex the Clown Killifish. The Differences of the Male and Female.
  1. Anal fins. Males have a tail that almost looks like fire coming out of the rear end. They can have red outlined in blue or blue outlined in red anal fins.
  2. Ventral fins. Males can have either bright red or bright orange.
  3. Size. The females are slightly smaller than the males.
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