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(TROP-338) Albino Red Eye Sailfin Pleco 3.00 inch

The Albino Sailfin Plecostomus Catfish is the albino form of the common Sailfin Plecostomus Catfish that are found in inland river systems in most parts of South America. They are widespread throughout the Peruvian and Brazilian Amazon, Rio Pacaya in Peru, and are also known from the Rio Orinoco. Other Common names it is known by are Sailfin Pleco, Leopard Plecostomus, Gibby and Spotted Sailfin Pleco.

The Sailfin Plecos are fairly large and a long-lived catfish. It can grow up to about 35cm in length and can live more than 20 years in the wild, though they tend to live between 10 to 15 years in captivity.

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